Spotlight Sessions: Dynamic MP – ‘Beam Me Up’

Beam Me Up - Dynamic MP

Musically inspired by the sounds of J.Dilla and Flying Lotus, Soulection’s Chris McClenney (formerly known as MisterMack) provides a neo-soulful vibe to begin our journey of dream chasing. ‘Beam Me Up’s chilled and melodic beat along with Dynamic’s earthy and relaxed tones in his verses, helps us escape into the intergalactic, the true art of music.

Dynamic presents his own unique and dynamic approach towards the UK rap scene, by delivering a positive attitude and eclectic style towards everyday thoughts and situations. The track is skilfully composed and allows for the euphoric message to be expressed in a light-hearted but meaningful manner. ‘Beam Me Up’ takes us on a trip from the gritty reality faced on London’s streets, to the serenity of space filled dreams, only a young man can wish for.

A song filled with chilled and mellow tones, Dynamic reminds us that our youth is a time to grow, learn and beam those dreams right up to space…

‘So I can look back on my youth and say I did it right…’

Check out Dynamic MP’s SoundCloud and official website


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