everybody has time…


Everybody has time, everybody has twenty four hours…

Yet often I find myself thinking, how long will it take for someone to want to spend their time with me?! As the 21st century has allowed us to engage in the world of technology, money and encourages us to indulge in our self-desires, it seems people have lost touch with the sense of time.

Call it a friend, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, your best friend, sometimes you just want to have fun or chill out with them and whilst you think that they would like to do the same, some people in these ‘relationships’ have no sense of time. Often we find the people that are ‘too busy’ to meet up, or ‘too busy’ to drop a text or a call – are often the ones who have time for everybody else, except for you!

And whilst these people don’t do this maliciously, they are also the first to call you out if you don’t make time for them…


Now, I understand, we all get busy – but that doesn’t mean we don’t have enough time to spend it with people that we do value. I often find myself drowning in revision leading in the months up to exams, with deadlines and ungodly shift patterns at work, but I will still try to make time for myself and those I want to see or speak to. Yes, it is something I am still working on and I have really been trying to value and appreciate the concept of time, because if you don’t value your own time, then neither will others.

We live in a millennial world, where we can access someone at the touch of button, whether it’s through What’s App or Facebook, and whilst talking through social media everyday is a lovely gesture – sometimes I would actually like to hear a voice or put a face to the words I read, not digitally either! Trips to the cinema, dates to restaurants, meeting up after work – whether its 5 hours or 5 minutes, just taking some time out of your day to make someone else’s, is beautiful.

Whether you apply this financially, romantically or generally – the important thing to remember, is everybody has time, everybody gets the same twenty four hours, but we are all different in the ways that we spend it – spend yours wisely.


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