natural remedies.


As the Winter approaches, our bodies have to get used to changes in time and temperature, meaning we can become more susceptible to colds and flus *ew*.

Whilst a Nurofen Express is great for the aches and pains or to ease off symptoms – there are some simple, natural products in your cupboard waiting to show you their magic.


Honey and Lemon – so simple, but so fabulous. Not only can honey and lemon tea clear a cough or suppress that annoying cold, it can also help with detoxing the liver and aid weight loss! Honey has antibacterial properties meaning that it can help cleanse the digestive system. And it tastes YUM.

salt water

Salt Water – Again, so simple, but can work wonders for that sore throat that’s been pestering you lately. Salt water solutions can help soothe sore throats, along with killing any bacteria present in the area.


Cayenne Pepper – Spice it up! Cayenne pepper has been found to be so beneficial for you, it’s referred to as a superfood. Get you Cayenne. Not only does Cayenne pepper cleanse your body and stop all those irritating cold and flu symptoms, it even helps ease stomach aches and ulcers. It can also aid weight loss, promote healthy circulation and is even rumoured to prevent some forms of cancer cells. Dayuuuuuum.


Turmeric – Spices are your friend. Tumeric is used widely in medicine and has many beneficial properties, especially in the digestive system. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and can help ease pain, stomach aches, menstrual problems, kidney problems, wounds…you name it, Tumeric got it covered.


Garlic – This badass is available everywhere, with its strong potent smell, garlic has incredible medicinal properties. It was used by the Ancient Greeks, the Romans you name it, everybody has used it. Not only can garlic stop those nasty cold and flus, it’s incredibly nutritious! It can also help reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and contains antioxidants that may prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Remember, natural remedies won’t work as fast as a painkiller or an antibiotic and anything serious should be seen by a doctor. But otherwise, these natural products are relatively cheap, accessible and can greatly improve your body over time. What are you waiting for?!



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