what’s the deal with love?


Love – what’s the big deal?

Recently, love has become a thing of negativity on social media and in particularly, young people – makes sense, we’re too strong to do something so weak and we are too busy living ‘life’  to even consider it.

It seems that everyone has been stabbed in the back, cheated on, trying to be that guy that gets all the girls, too independent and too busy for that four letter word that everyone has said. We only focus on the superficial and the lust-filled thoughts of our imaginations – our world of selfies, likes and scrutiny has scared off any thoughts of love.

Love is a beautiful thing too..

It is true, we are young and have experience the world for what it is before we try to entangle ourselves in the tight grips of love, but we also have to understand that we cannot dismiss it. We are all so worried about what people will think, what people will say if we speak about something that is so natural to human beings – we feel it, we think about it, we want it, but we always try to avoid it.

And this doesn’t even have to apply to boyfriend/girlfriend situations, it’s within all relationships – it has become taboo to talk about our real feelings, we forget to tell those whom look after us, who inspire us, who make us laugh.

Mums, dads, brothers, sisters, cousins, friends, grandparents…the list goes on and on.

Love is universal and it is relative, everybody can feel it in different ways, whether it’s love of your books or your boyfriend – express it, embrace it and enjoy it. I’m not encouraging anybody to rush, but I feel it’s important that we don’t ignore the possibility of it…we’re not young forever.


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