10 things I hate about winter in London…


Being a summer baby, I can honestly say, that whilst winter can be cute and cosy, it also makes me cry a little inside.

Winter in London is something I have not been able to adjust to, it’s too unpredictable (actually that sounds like all year round…) but that’s why I’ve decided to write this post on ten things I hate about winter in London.


  1. The BBC cannot decide whether it’s going to be snowing, raining or a random day of sunshine in the winter – meaning that I can never decide what I’m going to wear according to the weather. Layers and layers of jumpers and cardigans just to make sure the heat never escapes.


2. The Victoria and Central line have now become a furnace with the heating on full-blast, which sounds great compared to the freezing temperatures outside, but with armpits, coffee breath and a backpack crushing your face – ventilation wouldn’t be such a bad thing.


3.  Snow in London can look so pretty from the comfort of your home, or if you head out early in the morning. Otherwise, snow in London is grey slush, complete with grit and and a hint of disappointment. Not to forget how your boots get absolutely ruined and walking past a school filled with kids throwing snowballs is your new worst nightmare.


4. The queue for Costa and Starbucks has become longer each morning, filled with people ordering their new Christmas range of caffeinated drinks. Your usual wait of five minutes has now been extended to fifteen because a barista forgot to add the new gingerbread flavoured syrup to Colin’s drink. *gasp*


5. Don’t forget the endless Starbucks posts on your Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter feed, you can’t not buy a Starbucks drink without posting it!! Duh! Right?


6. Winter Wonderland and Oxford Street have become the bane of your existence, it looked fun in the beginning, but as every year has passed it has become worse. The amount of people, the tourists, the lights, the music, the pushing and shoving.  Christmas Shopping 1 vs. You 0


7. When you find out that your school/sixth form/college is the only one open in the borough and you were really looking forward to watching another series on Netflix and laying in bed all day. *sigh*

cold gif

8. After begging your Mum to turn the heating on because it’s so cold, you realise that no matter how high the thermostat is – you are still freezing.


9. Everybody suddenly has come down with the winter flu, there are germs everywhere. Let’s not forget all those snotty kids on the bus – coughing and sneezing, whilst smearing it all over the bus window.


10. And finally, London’s streets have become part of a challenge on Takeshi’s Castle, meaning walking down the road takes you an extra ten minutes just to ensure you don’t fall. Because if you do…I will laugh.


Enjoy winter guys. xoxo.


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