Spotlight Sessions: Scratch&Pout


One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to take better care of myself, so what a better way than to pamper myself and indulge in the world of nail lacquers!

Scratch&Pout is a new funky, indie brand which supplies some of the most unique and exclusive colours, which are cruelty free and vegan-friendly! Some of the brands that adorn the site are, Crazy Rumours, Floss Gloss, Glamour Doll Eyes, The Balm, Smokey Mountain Lacquers and Trust Fund Beauty.

Many of the brands are not known as well as your standard polishes, such as Barry M or Maybelline – and this is where the magic begins. These smaller brands have niche and unique products that are not widely available in the UK, meaning you will be setting the trend with your new purchase.

SOOOOOO…I, myself, decided to try a few of their nail lacquers and would like to give you a snippet into the world of a Scratch&Pout gal.

Glossin’ Like A Boss 

L to R: Dimepiece, Smoke on the Nail and Gangsta Boo

Not only are their names amazing, but the colour is too! Dimepiece is one of my favourites as it’s one of the only glitter nail polishes that contain enough glitter to have a full glittered nail, and just enough if it’s for a sparkle on top of another shade.

Smoke on the Nail

Smoke on the Nail, smooth, sexy and sleek! One of my favourite shades for the autumn and winter period. The plum shades compliment all skin tones and look great on long or short nails (which is great for me, since my nails like to break all the time).

Gangsta Boo is also one of my staple nail colours! This cherry red will have you swooning, as the colour is not too bright or too dark – just perfect to add a pop of colour to any outfit.

Funding that Beauty!

L to R: Instafamous and Beverly Thrills

So as you can see I love a shimmer and shine and Trust Fund Beauty’s shades are able to provide just that. Again, creative names and shades that will make any boring old nail look fun.

Instafamous (goals, goals, goalllls) is a hot pink with a hint of shimmer, giving the confidence to feel invincible. I’ve also found that it can distract you from the boring document you are typing….*so fierce, so pretty*

Beverly Thrills, does exactly what does on the bottle – gives you thrills! This blue metallic foil is lovely for a cool look. It’s my favourite during the winter…

You’re as cold as ice..


Not only are their products great, but their customer service is too! The website is easy to navigate, important information and products are easy to find…which is great for people like me, impatient.

Ordering items is easy and simple, with an option to pay with PayPal (YASSSSS).

Not only is the ordering experience wonderful, but the personal touches and lovely packaging the goodies come in, can put a smile on anyone’s face.

Keep posted for my next post on Scratch&Pout’s lip collection!

For more information and orders, visit Scratch&Pout’s website

BONUS: Enter ‘FranklyCasey’ to receive 20% off your order.



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