Spotlight Sessions: Sango x SPZRKT in London


For those that are lovers of Soulection and are familiar with Sango, you can imagine seeing him live can only be described as magic.

With the release of his ‘Da Rocinha 3’ in November last year and his feel-good-beats part of my everyday playlist, it was essential that I would see him perform live in 2016. On Friday the 19th, along with my best friend and hundreds of others, we witnessed the man does what he does best – mix, sample and vibe.

Before Sango came on at midnight, we were graced by SPZRKT’s voice (pronounced Spazzy Rocket), performing one of my favourite song’s by the duo, ‘Middle of Things, Beautiful Wife’. The crowd became unified by the voice of SPZRKT, with everyone channelling their inner Mariah, trying to hit those high notes.

Sango announced that he had just returned from Brazil. The crowd was hyped.

He had the crowd singing along with Portuguese lyrics (I was too, and I didn’t know what I was saying but it sounded good sooooo). Tailoring to the London crowd, he also included grime tracks, which sent the crowd wild  – it was truly one of the best concerts I’ve been too.

Section Boyz, Craig David, Drake, Nas, Twista, Jill Scott, Stormzy were all included throughout the night.


Check out both Sango and SPZRKT‘s Souncloud and below is some of my favourite songs by them both:


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