A Sweet Delight: Kofi Kay’s ‘Brown Sugar’

Brown Sugar - Kofi Kay

Silky, sultry and seductive are the only words to describe the new single, ‘Brown Sugar’ released by British singer and songwriter, Kofi Kay. Inspired by the sounds of R&B, Kofi has crafted a song that will leave the ladies flustered and the fellas lusting for their own brown sugar to serenade.

The production on the single is composed with chilled and mellow tones, with pianist and producer, Jayke Beatz, creating a skilful and melodic sound to introduction of the song. The progression of chords then merges into Kamara Bernard’s chilled drum rolls, providing a soulful beat for Kofi’s effortless and silky vocals.

The singer’s ability on the track is second to none, with his falsetto reaching peaks that mean he is not overpowered nor drained by the beat. Combining the soul of the 90’s and the sexiness of the 2000’s; the trio’s collaboration is a seductive vibe. The nuances within ‘Brown Sugar’ allows it be to be distinguised from the regular Americanisms of neo-soul/R&B, giving its own unique style and vibe. With the growth of the British music scene and saturation of artists, ‘Brown Sugar’ is definitely one for the playlist this summer – let’s bring sexy back.

Don’t forget to check out Kofi Kay, Kamara Bernard and Jayke Beatz


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