life’s sweet.

Galaxy Sue Tsai

Just over a year ago, I wrote my first blog post ‘bittersweet‘ …and so much has changed since then.

I’ll be honest, franklycasey, wasn’t supposed to launch me into a world of becoming a writer and seeing my work published on popular blogs and websites. I wrote my posts, as a way to share my ideas and journey with others – things about life, culture, music. The love I recieved from close friends, family and people around the world has been sensational, truly overwhelming. This is an opportunity to thank anyone that shared, retweeted, liked or commented on my posts.

Y’all are amazing man.

So what’s been happening in franklycasey’s world over the past year?

Well for one, I became a QMUL Graduate. After those late nights, Red Bull-fuelled studying sessions and a dissertation that nearly drove me to hell and back; ya girl did it. And amongst that madness, I had continued to focus on improving and sharing my blog – buying the domain, getting back onto social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Writing a review on Skepta’s ‘Konnichiwa’ would launch my career into the music blogging world.

Since then I’ve joined with ADTV as a writer;  a YouTube channel and site that features interviews with various music artists, industry news and music reviews. I’ve been reviewing artists from Bibi Bourelly to August Alsina, attending Wireless as part of a press team and even landing my first interview with a British soul artist, Tony Momrelle (all of these reviews can be found on my portfolio page).

And it didn’t stop…I even managed to start writing music news articles for Pardon My Blog.

This week, Thursday to be precise, I will be turning 21. And after a crazy year; meeting new people, discovering talent, accepting my being and generally just believing in myself – I couldn’t imagine being in a better place. As my life changed, the people around me also changed; mostly for the better.

I suppose the meaning of this post is to share my journey and show what is possible in a space of a year. So keep your head up, no matter what your dreams are, no matter how many people criticise and question; because in reality, you’re the one that makes it happen.

The universe is yours for the taking.

life’s sweet & i kinda love it.


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