A Seat at the Table – Solange Knowles


Solange’s third studio album is truly a masterpiece. A Seat at the Table is a liberating, cathartic and empowering listening experience.

Comprised of twenty-one tracks including interludes featuring Solange’s mother, Tina Lawson, her father, Matthew Knowles and long-time friend and music mogul Master P – the album takes you on a journey of a politically conscious black female artist in America.


At the heart of this album; the black woman and the black community’s struggles in a frightening and oppressive world. Solange opens her album with ‘Rise’, a slow melodic mantra of empowerment.

‘Cranes in the Sky’ serves as an important song within Solange’s body of work. Not only an intricate song accompanied with stunning visuals. Written eight years ago, the song serves as an emotional confession of Solange dealing with her own experiences and unhappiness.

As listeners, we discover Solange is, in fact, attempting to place the forgotten symbol of the black woman at the forefront of her album. Importantly, Solange addresses the stereotypes of the ‘angry black woman’ and the tensions and frustrations of the black community as a whole in ‘Don’t Touch my Hair’ featuring Sampha and ‘Mad’ featuring Lil Wayne.

Being black means, we’re not allowed to be angry, we’re not allowed to be sad, we’re not allowed to see the glory in ourselves.

But shit, we got a lot to be mad about.

Overall, A Seat at the Table is both a healing experience and an expression of art and emotion at its finest.

Listen to A Seat at the Table on Apple Music or Spotify.






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