the problem with new year resolutions

New Year Resolutions

It’s January, it’s 2018, and many of us start to think of what the New Year will entail for us all. Is it that new job you’ve been applying for? Is it the recognition you want to receive? Is it the happiness you deserve? You and I don’t know just yet, but we can definitely make the changes to trigger these things.

Posts about “New Year New Me” are frustrating for some and liberating for others – simply because the statement is exactly that…simple. It’s recognition to change and grow, but will it happen? Most of the time we lose momentum in February, we slip into old habits and old ways. Whether it’s changing our diet, joining the gym, breaking off toxic relationships – all of these things are very valid but this doesn’t require an end of a year or a New Year resolution to make these changes.

We owe it to ourselves to reinvent and dream ourselves into happier places. Changing our mind set, our attitude and outlook on our choices can happen at any time – today, tomorrow, tonight, next Tuesday or the Tuesday after next. Take the time to think about whether these things can be changed now, you’ve thought about it so don’t let the days slip by. Our thoughts, feelings and moods change so frequently that we forget about what we wanted to achieve in the first place.

I too, have fallen victim to this belief that the New Year will provide me with the optimism and motivation to start all the things I wanted to do, but when you haven’t matched those resolutions with the energy and effort that is required to make those things happen.

It’s incredibly easy to lose track and revert back to what we were.

Maybe you need to speak to your friends, your lover, or parents about something that has been bothering you, maybe you need closure, maybe you need to write that song, maybe you need to start that business plan, maybe you need to clear your mind, maybe you need help.

2018 is yours, and it’s yours for the taking, so let it begin with you.

Essentially, what I am trying to say here is that whilst creating a list of resolutions for your New Year isn’t a bad idea: do create a plan, do list all the things you want to do to or see. Don’t wait to change things that are toxic in your present. Make the effort, take the time.

The days in January are no different to the days in June.



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